Most Innovative and High Quality Citizens Promaster Watches

Citizens Promaster WatchesCitizen believes in creating watches that are not only of high quality but also exceptional in character. Combining the most innovative technology with sophisticated designs, Citizen Promaster Watches are a class apart – they include a wide range of styles that suit high achievers and sports enthusiasts equally well. With unique functionality and precision engineering, Citizen has created the best sports technology timepiece you would find – The Citizen Promaster Watches Collection.

Being the world leader in creating innovative and superior quality timepieces, Citizen Promaster watches cover all sporting needs. The company’s proven track record for reliability and precision is reinforced in the Promaster watches. Irrespective of the conditions, the tough and rugged Citizen Promaster watches are guaranteed to perform impeccably.

Citizen Promaster Watch series includes the Promaster Land Collection, the Promaster Air Collection and the Promaster Sea Collection. Each of these watch collections carry a range of models that are specifically designed for use on land, in air or for deep sea diving, giving the wearer confidence and control in the most difficult situations.

The Citizen Promaster Land Collection

The Citizen eco drive chronograph is a classy timepiece that offers the chronograph feature along with several other useful characteristics. More importantly, this watch uses Citizen’s unique and revolutionary Eco Drive technology where the watch is powered by natural or artificial light source and therefore never needs a battery change. In fact, many models of the Citizen Promaster Series use the Eco Drive technology giving you an added benefit of being ‘unstoppable’ timepieces.

The Citizen Promaster Air Collection

Citizens Promaster WatchesCombining highly innovative and intelligent technology with extraordinary engineering the Citizen Promaster Air Collection features functions that every aviation enthusiast would find useful. Take for example the Citizen Chronograph Watches. Apart from the usual, this watch has a slide rule rotational bezel, fuel consumption calculator, calendar functions, dual alarm and safety buckle – features suitable for pilots and flying enthusiasts. This watch not only looks great on your wrist, it gives you a sense of confidence and control whether you are on the ground or in the air.

The Citizen Promaster Sea Collection

Those who venture on deep sea dives look towards reliable equipment to support their skills and keeping this in mind, Citizen has developed a range of watches with special dive-related features.

One of the most useful dive watch found in the Promaster Sea Collection Series is the Citizen Aqualand Chronograph Watch. It is an amazing piece of engineering where a depth meter and chronograph has been incorporated into a dive watch along with other useful features as well as the Eco Drive technology. This is a stylish but chunky watch with a stainless steel case, flat back and well-fitting strap that sits comfortably on your wrist.

Citizen Promaster watches are truly the best if you are looking for innovation, functionality and high quality.


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